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Leaf Springs


In every market there is competition in which one or two companies usually separates themselves from the rest. The leaf spring  industry is no different so we are going to list a few benefits of choosing to buy from Donovan Spring co. instead of the  competitors. One of the most obvious reasons is price in which we will always be competitively priced in the market but there is more to consider than price alone.


Here at Donovan Spring co. we stock many of the leaf springs in house and are not just drop shippers. There are many advantages to this process. First, we physically check the product before they actually ship out to verify there is no damage and all of the attaching pieces, such as tip inserts, arch, and clips are correct. We also have the ability to have custom leaf springs built such as springs with extra leaves or with a little extra arch to meet your needs because not everyone is after the same capacity or height.


Another major advantage is all of our manufacturers are full members of the Spring Research Institute (SRI). This means they have very strict guidelines on how a spring is to be built and are not allowed to cut corners which guarantees a high quality leaf spring which not only meets but exceeds OEM standards. All SRI companies are also located in North America meaning when you buy from Donovan Spring co. you will not receive leaf springs from overseas such as China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia or elsewhere.


Here at Donovan Spring co. we specialize in Leaf Springs. We offer standard OEM replacements and heavy duty options to give you exactly what you need. Many of our customers just need to get back to stock ride height because their vehicle has sagged over time while others have broken springs and want to get back to driving safely as this can be an extremely dangerous situation. Then there are those which need to increase their trucks load capacity and we have you covered as well with our heavy duty leaf springs.


Donovan Spring co. has been in business for over 50 years and we have learned a lot about suspensions along the way thanks to our customers. Please call us toll free at 1-800-458-3867 with any questions you may have. Our sales team can answer any technical questions you have quickly and accurately ensuring you get the correct parts without any problems that you may receive from other companies. So if you are wondering where to buy leaf springs then Donovan Spring co. is the right place for you.



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