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Mack Suspension Parts

Triangle's New and Improved Mack Camelback
Lighter Weight • More Payload • Better Performance • Longer Life

Replaces current SRI part # : 62-147  (4QK4005A)

                                           62-143  (4QK4004A)(25192117)

Sold in pairs (axle set) with necessary U-Bolts.

Contains: two (2) Light Weight Camelback Springs, Complete U-Bolt kits 

with four (4) 1-1/4" U-Bolts and associated nuts & washers.


Lighter Weight:

216-300 lbs. per vehicle savings

Improved fuel economy or increased payload

Easier installation 

Increased Life Expectancy:

Bench tests reflect greater life when compared to the OE version.

Vehicle tested on dump and roll-off trucks, plus front & rear load garbage packers. 

Superior Ride Performance:

(loaded and unloaded)

Installation Modifications Required:

U-Bolts ONLY!

Uses standard insulator pads, top plates, etc.

AFTERMARKET MACK TRUNNION STAND - Please call for pricing and availability.

  • Durable -heat treated alloy steel
  • Mounts from underneath rather than from the end of the frame at the rear of the truck
  • Far less time and easier to install                                
  • No disassemble of the chassis, body components, air/hydraulic components or wire harnesses
  • Complete with mounting hardware
  • This item is available to ship to most destinations

We also stock a full complement of Mack parts for all suspension types including:

      Airtek                  Front 3-1/2"                   Front 4"              Rear single axle         Rear Camelback


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